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If you want to improve the taste and smell of your drinking water Brita filter cartridges are the ideal means of achieving it. Our drinking water in the UK is put through a series of purification processes and various minerals and substances such as chlorine and fluoride are used. Chlorine and fluoride can contribute to the hardness of water and may leave it with an odour and taste that is not pleasant. You can get rid of the mineral deposits and lessen the amount of chlorine in your drinking water Brita filter systems are specially designed to remove unwanted odours and smells and lessen the amount of residue in your water.


Brita for a better flavour

The natural flavour and aroma of tea and coffee is often spoiled by the taste of tap water Brita filter products are designed to rid ordinary tap water of the things that spoil its taste. Brita Maxtra filter cartridges also lessen the amount of lime scale in water and can therefore extend the life of your kettle. In recent years people have been fed up with the taste and smell of tap water and have take instead to drinking bottled water Brita filter manufacturers have worked to warn people of the waste problems caused by the use of commercially bottled water. When you drink filtered water there are no waste problems just better tasting water Brita filter cartridges are also recyclable so they are extremely environmentally friendly.

In the nineteen sixties experts were already working to improve the taste of ordinary tap water Brita filter products first emerged more than forty years ago as a means of improving the water that we drink. When you use Brita filters many of the products have inbuilt indicators to let you know when the filter cartridge needs replacing. If you use a water Brita filter tap then you will need to change the filter for every five hundred gallons of water that your family uses. As a general rule Brita filter cartridges need changing every two to four months, depending on the product you have and the amount of drinking water that your family gets through.

If you are fed up with the price of bottled water Brita filter cartridges actually work out cheaper over time than buying commercially bottled water. You don’t have to worry about the disposal of your Brita cartridges, when you go to buy a new one just place the old filter in the box provided for the purpose. Suppliers send used cartridges back to the manufacturers where they are taken apart, tested and then recycled. If you drink a lot of water Brita filter cartridge replacement can get expensive. It is worth taking a look online or researching different suppliers to see whether you can get cheaper replacement cartridges. You can get cheaper water Brita filter replacement cartridges when you buy them as a multipack online or in a sale as you can save quite a bit of money that way.