Brita Filter

Vodka Brita Filter

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the Vodka Brita filter. You only have to take a look on the internet and read some of the blogs to see that people are certainly considering filtering vodka in the same way that they filter water.


Just as a Brita filter can improve the taste and the smell of ordinary tap water so many people say that it can do the same thing for vodka, particularly the cheaper brands of vodka.

Improve the taste of vodka

After forty years in the business most people will have heard of Brita water filters but not that there is a Vodka Brita filter that ensures you are drinking purer spirit. Good vodka is a mixture of alcohol and water, while cheaper brands of vodka may have some extra ingredients that can spoil the taste of the vodka. As some people have discovered the taste of cheap vodka is much improved when they use one of Brita’s water filters. The Brita activated carbon and ion exchange resin filtration system can remove the impurities that are in cheap vodka. When the vodka is filtered in this way it improves the taste of the spirit.

Using vodka in your Brita filter

The fact is that granular activated carbon has been proved in many tests to remove colour, taste, odours and some level of unwanted chemicals from ordinary drinking water. The filter does not purify water that has not been treated and is full of contaminants but it does remove some of the residue of things used in the purification of tap water. Activated carbon works better when the filter is on the large side and is steeped in the liquid for an extended period of time. When you try the vodka Brita filter experiment you would leave the vodka in the pitcher for a while between pouring. The greater the amount of contact that the vodka has with the filter, the more impurities and unpleasant taste will be removed.

The Brita pitcher that was first used in the nineteen sixties for filtered drinking water may not have been intended to be a vodka Brita filter, but that is what it can be used for.  You need to ensure that if you use a cartridge to filter vodka, it cannot be used for anything else. Put a replacement cartridge into your Brita pitcher then pour the vodka over the filter, which should be in contact with the base of your pitcher. Continue pouring the vodka into the pitcher until the bottle has been emptied and the filter can get to work on the impurities in the spirit.

The spirit should be emptied out into another container and then using a funnel poured again over the Vodka Brita filter at least four or five times. Once the process is complete you should then take out the filter that you have used for the vodka and rinse out the pitcher. When the pitcher has been thoroughly rinsed you can put in another filter and fill the pitcher with ordinary tap water,