Brita Filter

Recycle Brita Filter

If you use Brita products then when the time comes to change the cartridge it goes through the recycle Brita filter process. Nowadays and increasing number of companies strive to make environmentally friendly products and Brita is a major leader in this area as all of the components of their filters can be recycled. An increasing number of ordinary people are concerned about the detriment to the environment that has been caused by folks drinking commercially bottled water. The plastic bottles that are generally used for the water are difficult to dispose of and this has led to more people giving up bottled water in favour of a Brita filter product.


Whenever you need to change your filter disposal is easy as you simply recycle Brita filter cartridges. Brita used to operate a freepost service for people to return their used cartridges when they bought new ones but this became unmanageable several years ago because of the high volume of used cartridges. At present Brita provide suppliers with boxes where customers can drop in their used filter cartridges and when the box is full the used cartridges are returned to the manufacturer.

How to recycle a Brita filter

When you recycle Brita filter cartridges engineers take the thing apart and apply various tests to the different components of the filter. If any part of the filter does not pass the tests it is discarded, all the components that pass the tests are then recycled and used to make brand new filter cartridges. Brita sponsors a filter campaign that is against the waste cause by the use of commercially bottled water and promotes Brita products and the fact that you can recycle Brita filter cartridges.

Brita filter cartridges need to be replaced on a regular basis if the filtration system is to work at optimum level. While people sometimes find replacing the filter cartridges a nuisance and an added expense, the fact that they can help the environment when they recycle Brita filter cartridges is a good reason for using the product. Brita filter cartridges can be used in jugs or kettles or plumbed into your kitchen tap to provide you with softer, fresher tasting water. When you recycle Brita filter cartridges you know that nothing useful is wasted and the components are reused to make new replacement cartridges.

The Brita Company has been in existence for more than forty years and the fact that they can recycle Brita filter cartridges helps to keep the cost of the product lower than it might otherwise be. Most people who change from using commercially bottled water to using Brita filter products actually save money over time and they are also happy that using filtered rather than bottled water means they are helping to do their bit for the environment. You do need to change your filter on a regular basis and most Brita products will alert you when it is time to change the filter cartridge. Instead of disposing of the used cartridge the company recycle Brita filter cartridges eliminating the problem of waste.