Brita Filter

Brita Filter

The Brita filter has been around for a good number of years and nowadays is used by a lot more people who are concerned about the taste of their drinking water.


Although the water that comes out of our taps is classified as fit to drink, the purification process leaves behind mineral deposits that can alter the taste of that water and make it hard, the Brita filter is designed to soften that water. Some of the mineral deposits that are left behind can leave scum on the top of the water, especially noticeable when the water has been boiled. Tap water may sometimes leave sediment in cups and glasses that is not always easy to remove. A Brita filter will filter out the remaining deposits and reduce the taste of the chlorine in water.

Two layer filtration system

Put simply the Brita filter works by using a two layer filtration system, a sheet of carbon that has been heated to make it absorbent then has large pores attached to it and these suck in all the impurities and sediment that would otherwise remain in your water. You need to change the Brita filter on a regular basis, usually three to four months to prevent the build up of bacteria which may stop the filter from working as it should.

A Brita filter allows you to siphon off the sediments and other impurities in the water before you use the water to make tea or coffee or to cook vegetables. You should ensure that you read the instructions carefully before you use the filter and make sure that you have a jug of the correct size. You will need to replace the filter for every 40 gallons of water that use, Brita filter manufacturers recommend this as the efficiency of the filter will deteriorate after that. If you decide to use your filter in a water cooler, then Brita recommends that the filter should be replaced every three to four months.

How to use your Brita filter

You need to ensure that your hands are scrupulously clean before you take the wrapping the filter. Once the filter is unwrapped leave it to soak in a container or cup of water. The filter should be completely covered with water and left for about a quarter of an hour. Once the filter has been thoroughly covered and soaked you should take it out and let any water drip back into the container.

Using a clean jug twist the Brita filter slightly and make sure that it is on the bottom of the jug or water cooler before you add any water. Add the water into the jug and then wait a few minutes to give the filter time to work before you pour the filtered water into a kettle or saucepan for boiling water or cooking vegetables. You may find that there is some black sediment in the bottom of the jug the first time or two that you use the filter, this is just the filter settling in and it will do no harm to the water.