Brita Filter

Changing Brita Filter

If you buy a Brita kettle or jug then you will find yourself changing Brita filter cartridges on a regular basis. Brita water filter products provide you with great tasting water because the system filters much of the chlorine and fluoride that affects the taste and smell of ordinary tap water. Filtered water makes better tea and coffee and many people say that when they cook vegetables in filtered water they retain more of the colour and flavour that is lost during the cooking process.


Changing Brita filter cartridges is not a difficult process but you must make sure that both hands and containers are scrupulously clean when you do it. You can buy Brita replacement cartridges at local suppliers and department stores as well as online. Replacement cartridges come complete with manufacturer’s instructions which you should follow carefully. Once you have removed the wrapping from the replacement cartridge you need to cover the unwrapped filter in water and leave it to soak for around a quarter of an hour. When the prescribed period is up you drain off the water and place the filter in the bottom of your pitcher or kettle, you need to ensure that the filter actually touches the base of the container before you add water from the tap.

When to change your Brita filter

Changing Brita filter cartridges should be done on a regular basis, how much time should elapse before you change the filter will depend on the jug or kettle that you are using and the amount of water that your family uses. The manufacturer’s instructions usually say that the filter should be changed every two to four months or after a certain number of gallons of water have been filtered. If you use a Brita pitcher or kettle then the product will have an inbuilt indicator system that will alert you as to when you should be changing Brita filter cartridges.

The Brita filtration system uses activated carbon and ion exchange resin which captures particles and sediments that are left in ordinary tap water after the purification process. Changing Brita filter cartridges on a regular basis is necessary to avoid bacteria forming and to ensure that your Brita filter works at optimum level. If you have a Brita tap installed then there will be an indicator system at the base of the tap that signals an alert for changing Brita filter cartridges.

How to change your Brita filter

Changing Brita filter tap cartridges is quite an easy process because the filter is stored under your sink and the system plumbed in, all you have to do when changing Brita filter tap cartridges is to unscrew the used cartridge and screw on the new one. Changing Brita filter cartridges regularly can be expensive and it is a good idea to do some research online as you can save as much as thirty percent on a multipack of Brita replacement cartridges. Brita filter products are worth investing in if you want better drinking water and decent tasting tea and coffee, despite the problems of changing the filter cartridge.