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Many people who buy Brita filter products will tell you that their drinking water is softer and tastes and smells a lot better than unfiltered water.


The Brita filter removes much of the mineral deposits and chlorine sediments that are left behind in tap water as a result of the water purification process. If you boil filtered water to make tea or coffee you get the full taste and aroma of the beverages that is often hidden by unfiltered tap water.

Where to buy a Brita filter

You can buy Brita filter products at many department and household stores or you can get them online. Brita filter replacement cartridges in particular are often cheaper when you buy a multipack from an online supplier. An increasing number of people who used to buy bottled water now buy Brita filter cartridges and even Brita filter water bottles instead because it is more environmentally friendly and often cheaper over time than bottled water.

Nowadays it is possible to buy Brita filter kettles that have a built in indicator that will tell you when your filter needs changing. When you need to buy Brita filter replacement cartridges it is worthwhile looking online for Brita filter coupons. If you sign up for the Brita filter campaign at their official website, you can then print off a coupon that will give you money off your next Brita replacement cartridge. People will buy Brita filter products rather than filter products from another company because the filter cartridges are recyclable, which means they do not contribute to landfill problems.

Brita started out with the Brita filter pitcher and as their product increased in popularity the company brought out a whole range of products. When you buy Brita filter products you know that you are purchasing filters that have been tried and tested over many years to give you better drinking water. You will have to buy Brita filter cartridges on a regular basis as the filter needs changing every two to four months depending on the product and the amount of water that your family uses.

Some people buy Brita filter taps as it means that they can have filtered water at the touch of a lever. The Brita taps are quite stylish and the filter itself fits neatly under your sink. Once the Brita tap has been plumbed in, removing the old filter and replacing it with a new one is easy, you just unscrew the used cartridge and screw on the replacement. The Brita fridge is another great product because it means you have a dispenser that dispenses cold, filtered water for your family whenever they want it. You can buy Brita filter refrigerators at most large department and electrical stores as well as online.

It is a good idea to buy Brita filter products at sale time as you can save a good deal of money pitchers, jugs, kettles and refrigerators. Some suppliers may reduce the cost of Brita replacement cartridges and they are certainly cheaper to buy online if you do your homework.