Brita Filter

Brita Filter Water

The monetary and ecological costs of drinking bottled water has meant that an increasing number of people are now turning to Brita filter water systems as a better alternative.


The reason that so many people took to drinking bottled water was because of the less than pleasant smell and taste of tap water. The purification process of domestic water supplies uses minerals, chlorine and fluoride and this often leaves behind deposits and sediments. While the deposits that arise from the water purification are not harmful to health, they can affect the taste and the smell of ordinary tap water and they often leave marks behind on glasses and chinaware,

How the Brita filter water system works

The Brita filter water system is designed to filter out mineral deposits and reduce the amount of fluoride and chlorine in tap water, a process which improves the taste and smell of tap water considerably. There are two main types of Brita filter cartridges and these are the regular or classic cartridge and the Maxtra cartridge. Maxtra is designed to remove even more of the chlorine and fluoride and it also reduces the amount of lime scale in the water.

Brita filter water makes much better tea and coffee as the natural flavours that are obscured by chlorine and fluoride are more noticeable, the other thing that Brita does is to rid hot drinks of the film that often settles on the top of tea or coffee and is the result of mineral deposits. The Brita filter water system has been in existence since the late nineteen sixties when the company introduced their water pitcher. Brita filters use a combination of activated carbon and ion exchange resin which catches any sediment and filters out much of the chlorine and fluoride. Over the years Brita filter water systems have been used in a variety of products including jugs, reusable water bottles, refrigerators and kettles.

The Brita filter water system uses replaceable cartridges and Brita devices have an indicator light system that alerts the user when it is time to replace the cartridge. Brita advises that cartridges will need changing every few months but if you use more water than the average household then you will need to change the cartridge more frequently. Brita filter water is a much cheaper and environmentally friendly means of getting better drinking water and although there is a cost involved in replacement filters, it is usually less than the cost of bottled water over the same period of time.

Replacing Brita filter water cartridges

Brita filter water cartridges are easy to replace. In kettles, jugs and pitchers the classic cartridge has to be fully covered in water and left to soak for fifteen minutes before being laid on the bottom of the container that is to be used for filtered water. Brita filter tap cartridges are plumbed into your water system and the filter is stored in the cupboard under your sink. When the tap cartridge needs to be replaced you simply unscrew the old one and screw in the new cartridge.