Brita Filter

Brita Filter Water Bottle

The Brita filter water bottle was introduced to give users fresh tasting, odourless drinking water on the go and to reduce the amount of commercial bottled drinking water. Research tends to suggest that much of the bottled water that is sold has no additional health benefits and users often complain that it has a plastic taste and smell. More people are turning to filtered water in recent months because the cost of bottled water has gone up significantly. The drive to reduce the amount of waste we throw away and to use more environmentally friendly products has also led to a drop in the amount of bottled water that is sold. Plastic water bottles are not biodegradable, which means they add to the mass of landfill in most western countries.


Using your Brita filter water bottle

The Brita filter water bottle uses the Brita cartridges, which are made from activated carbon or charcoal mixed with silver and used together with ion exchange particles. Sediment and particles from the minerals and chloride that is used in purifying tap water and which gives it a less than pleasant smell and taste are trapped by the filter. Brita Maxtra filters reduce the amount of chlorine even further and also lessen the amount of lime scale deposits, making your drinking water taste fresher and extending the life of water bottles and kettles.

Brita support the campaign for filtered water and if you register for the campaign at the company website you get a free coupon that will give you money off on your next replacement cartridge. The Brita filter water bottle has an indicator on the side that will let you know when your filter needs replacing. You should throw away any water that has been in the bottle for more than 48 hours to avoid deterioration in the taste and the problem of any bacteria developing in the water.

Brita is an ecologically friendly company, in its drive to reduce the consumption of commercially bottled water and its associated problems. The Brita filter water bottle can be used again and again, which means it is easier on your pocket and better for the environment. You don’t have to worry about the disposal of your used cartridges as all of the Brita cartridges are entirely recyclable. When you replace your filter cartridge you put the old one in a box provided by the cartridge supplier and they return it to the manufacturers. Brita engineers totally dismantle the used cartridges and test every single part before they are reused in the making of new cartridges. Although some people feel that the cost of replacement cartridges is too high, they would be higher if it were not for the recycling process.

It is possible to find the Brita filter water bottle and replacement cartridges at a cheaper price if you take a look for them online. The Brita filter water bottle is an ideal way to have filtered drinking water with you wherever you go. Brita have also partnered with a design company to produce a designer reusable water bottle known as the wottle.