Brita Filter

Brita Filter Taps

If you want tap water that is softer and doesn’t have an unpleasant taste or smell then it may be worth investing in one of the Brita filter taps.


The tap itself is made of stylish bronze and chrome and comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of five years. Brita filter taps are self contained filter taps that will add an attractive touch to your kitchen sink while delivering better tasting water at the touch of the tap lever. The tap ways four and a quarter kilograms and has a silver effect finish, it has two levers, which makes the tap much easier to manipulate for anyone who suffers with arthritic hands.

Brita filter taps feature an extra lever for filtered water along with an extra spout, which means you are not wasting your drinking water on swilling out the sink. The tap is attached directly to your kitchen sink and besides the tap itself includes the following:

  • Filter cartridge
  • Bracket
  • Flexi hose
  • Fittings

Brita recommend that the Brita filter taps are fitted by an experienced plumber, then all you have to do is fit replacement cartridges when necessary., As with all Brita products the Brita filter taps use the activated carbon and ion exchange resin that traps particles and sediments left by the minerals, chlorine and fluoride that is used in the purification of domestic water. The Brita water filter system also reduces the amount of lime scale deposits, making it less likely that either your tap or your kettle will malfunction due to lime scale build up.

Healthier and Tastier!

With Brita filter taps you get great tasting water and when you use the filtered water to make hot drinks you will no longer get a nasty film on the surface of your tea and coffee. Better tasting water allows the natural aroma of your tea and coffee to be more apparent and filtered water is much better for cooking your vegetables as they retain more of their flavour and colour. You will find that the Brita filter taps that are available to buy online can vary widely in price so it is worth doing your homework to get the best possible price.

A range of stylish, affordable filter taps

While the Brita filter taps do not purify your water, they can remove deposits and sediments that affect the taste and smell of domestic tap water, a filter will also make your drinking water softer and can lessen lead and copper deposits that may be in the pipe work. Brita has a whole new range of specially developed filter taps. You can purchase Brita filter taps as a separate tap altogether or as a three-way system, with levers for hot, cold and filtered water. As with all Brita water filter systems the Brita filter taps have an inbuilt device that will alert you when the filter cartridge needs changing. The tap filter fits into the cupboard under your sink and can deliver up to 500 gallons of water. When it is time to replace the filter cartridge you simply unscrew it and then screw in the new one.