Brita Filter

Brita Filter Tap Cartridges

The Brita water filtration system has been available for more than forty years, now the Brita Filter tap cartridge means that you can get filtered water at the turn of a tap. In recent years the search for drinking water that was palatable led to a huge growth in the bottled water industry but this has caused environmental problems due to the problem of disposing of plastic bottles. In addition to the environmental issue many people were concerned that the cost of bottle water far exceeded what it was worth, consequently there has been a move back to the use of filtered water. The Brita filter tap cartridge is not cheap but it is more economical than bottled water and it is also extremely easy to use a refillable water bottle and take filtered water from the tap.


The Brita filter tap cartridge is used with the Brita filter tap attachment. The attachment and cartridge can be used on kitchen and bathroom taps so that filtered drinking water is always available. The Brita system is designed to lower chlorine and fluoride deposits and improve the taste and the smell of drinking water. The Brita filter cartridge operates through the unique Brita mix of ion exchange resin and activated carbon that is impregnated with silver. The Brita system also lowers the amount of limescale and lead and copper residue in ordinary tap water. Lead and copper sometimes leak into domestic water systems from the water pipes, while the amounts are low enough not to cause severe problems, the lower those residues are the better it is for your health.

Cartridge life expentancy

The Brita filter tap cartridge has the life expectancy of the cartridge printed on the base of the tap and the system has a simple traffic lights indicator system that will alert you when your cartridge needs changing. Brita literature says that you should be able to enjoy up to 500 gallons of filtered water before your Brita filter tap cartridge needs changing, however this can vary, depending on the area in which you live and the hardness of the water. You should change the cartridge immediatley it shows on the indicator to avoid any contamination and to ensure that your water filter works with optimum efficiency.

Fitting your Brita filter tap cartridge

The Brita filter tap cartridge will fit neatly under your sink and can be placed either vertically or horizontally depending on the layout of your cupboards. The Brita filter tap cartridge is easy to replace because it simply screws on or off to your water system. In the literature  Brita recommend that the under the sink Brita filter tap cartridge should be replaced every two to three months. One complaint about the Brita system is that the cost of replacing the Brita filter tap cartridge can amount to more than £100 a year. However, the cost of the Brita cartridge is still probably less than you were spending every year on bottled water, and it will not harm the environment.