Brita Filter

Brita Filter Review

You may have got fed up with the taste of tap water some time ago and taken to bottled water but as any good Brita filter review will show, bottled water can have a plastic smell and taste and causes a waste problem.


Bottled water vs Filtered water

An increasing number of people are giving up drinking bottled water and turning instead to drinking filtered water. The Brita filter is designed to filter out the mineral sediments that can leave marks on china and glassware. A water filter will reduce the amount of chlorine and fluoride in your drinking water, which improves the taste and the smell of tap water. Some water filters will greatly reduce the amount of lime scale deposits that also mark crockery and cause a lime scale build-up in kettles and pitchers.

You only have to do a quick search of the internet and you will soon find a Brita filter review. Not all reviews will give you sufficient information that will enable you to make an informed choice about the product and you may have to search a little harder. A good Brita filter review will give you a list of the features of the Brita filter and also the other merchandise such as refrigerators, kettles and pitchers that are designed for Brita filters. Some reviews will tell you what the filtration system consists of, how it works and how to install one in your jug or kettle.

Does a Brita Filter work?

Sometimes you will find a Brita filter review that questions the benefits of a Brita water filter and Brita’s claims for its products. There are, however, a lot more positive reviews of Brita filters and goods than there are bad ones and a lot of people are extremely happy with the Brita water filter system. Sometimes you will find a Brita filter review that contrasts the product with other water filtration systems where the main criticism of the Brita filter is that the cartridges have to be replaced on a regular basis and they are expensive.

When you read a Brita filter review you will find out that the Brita Company is based in the UK and over the last forty years has become a big name in the water filtration industry. There is no denying the fact that when you use the Brita filter in their Pitcher you’ll get great tasting drinking water and when you boil filtered water you will find you can enjoy more of the flavour and aroma of your favourite tea or coffee.

You will learn, when you read a Brita filter review that their filtration systems can also be fitted straight into a tap so that you get filtered water at the turn of a wrist. The taps or faucets as they are sometimes called are extremely easy to fit and they have a built in indicator that will let you know when it is time to replace your Brita filter. The faucet replacements last longer than the standard filters and you can choose from chrome or white, depending on which colour best fits with the rest of your kitchen décor.