Brita Filter

Brita Filter Replacement

Some reviewers say that the drawback of the Brita filter replacement system is that the replacement cartridges are expensive and need to be changed between four and six times a year.


It is cheaper to buy your replacement cartridges in packs of three or four rather than as a single replacement. Not only is it cheaper to buy your Brita filter replacement cartridges in packs, it is also more convenient as you are less likely to get caught out without a replacement cartridge.

Brita pitchers, jugs, kettles and even refrigerators have inbuilt indicators that will alert the user when the cartridge is about to run out and they need a Brita filter replacement. There are two main types of Brita cartridges; they are the regular or classic filter and the filter with Maxtra, which is a bit more expensive. Brita work hard to promote the use of their water filtration system and as a result they sponsor the filter for good campaign. The Brita sponsored campaign is designed to reduce the use of bottled water and the waste that is associated with it. Plastic water bottles are not biodegradable, neither are they recyclable which means that they are adding to the massive landfill problems of many western countries. There is no disposal problem when you use Brita filter replacement cartridges because all the parts are completely recyclable.

Replacing a Brita Filter

Brita filter replacement is quite an easy task, with the classic or regular cartridges you unwrap the filter and then place it in a container full of water, making sure that the filter is completely covered by the water. The new filter needs to be left to soak for at least fifteen minutes and then it needs to be drained before it is added to the kettle, pitcher or water cooler. When you replace the existing filter you need to make sure that it touches the bottom of the pitcher or kettle before you add any water.

While the Brita filter replacement may be regarded by some as an expensive way of filtering water, it is nonetheless, an effective one. The classic or regular Brita filter replacement cartridges will remove the unpleasant taste and odour that is left by the chlorine and fluoride which is used to purify tap water. The filter cartridges with Maxtra remove even more of the chlorine and a good deal of the lime scale deposits from the water. The removal of extra lime scale is an added bonus because it can help to extend the life of your kettle.

The type of Brita filter replacement cartridge that you choose is an entirely personal one and the classic filter works perfectly well for most purposes and can be used in pitchers, jugs and kettles. When you replace your filters on a regular basis you will continue to get better tasting drinking water, tea and coffee. Providing you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and replace the filter cartridge as soon as the Brita filter replacement indicator light alerts you, you should have no problems with your water filtration.