Brita Filter

Brita Filter Refrigerator

If you are shopping for a new refrigerator then you might want to consider getting a Brita filter refrigerator. Most refrigerator water dispensers are at the front of the fridge so it is simple for any member of the family to go to the fridge and pour themselves a glass of fresh tasting, filtered water. Although our tap water in the UK is drinkable in that it is not harmful to health, it is not always pleasant. The water purification process that all domestic tap water undergoes uses things such as chlorine and fluoride, as well as numerous minerals, to enhance the water and make it fit to drink.


You may wonder why you would need a Brita filter refrigerator; well the pre-installed filter will lower the amount of fluoride and chlorine in your drinking water. The problem is that chlorine and fluoride, not only make the water hard, they can also give our drinking water an unpleasant odour and taste. One of the main reasons people turn to bottled water is to get drinking water with a better taste. Now an increasing number of people are discovering that they can get an even better taste with a water filtration system, without the associated waste and extra expense.

Advantages of a Brita filer refrigerator

Most people who have a Brita filter refrigerator know that when it is time for the filter cartridge to be replaced, they will get advanced warning from the indicator on the fridge. Brita advises that filters should be changed on a regular basis as the overuse of a filter could lead to bacteria developing. The company recommends that filters be changed after between two and four months use, depending on how much drinking water your family gets through.

When you have a Brita filter refrigerator you can fill your kettle from the water dispenser because boiled, filtered water makes much better hot drinks. The taste of fluoride and chlorine affects the taste of water and this then mars the flavour our tea or coffee. When you use filtered water to make your tea or coffee you will again have the full taste and aroma that you were looking for. You can also use the filtered water in your fridge for cooking vegetables; many users say that vegetables cooked in filtered water retain their colour and flavour far better than those that are not.

Cool, fresh water on tap

A Brita filter refrigerator should be at the top of your list if you are considering a kitchen makeover this year. Most people who have tried filtered water say that they would never go back to drinking unfiltered water again because the taste and odour of water that has been filtered is much more pleasant. Brita partner with other companies to produce goods that incorporate their water filtration system. A Brita filter refrigerator means that you can have fresh, ice cold water at the touch of a button and without the taste and smell that is associated with unfiltered water. A Brita filter refrigerator is a worthwhile investment.