Brita Filter

Brita Filter Refill

A Brita filter refill is actually a replacement cartridge that is used when your original filter has been used for a certain amount of time. Brita uses a double filtration system comprising of activated carbon and ion exchange resin that together catch any mineral deposits and some of the chlorine, lime scale and fluoride that is used in the treatment of our drinking water. The carbon removes the unpleasant taste and smell from tap water that is a result of the fluoride and chlorine, and sometimes lead and copper from the plumbing. The ion exchange resin captures any sediments and lime scale, which are the things that can leave deposits on your cups and glasses and a murky ring on top of your tea or coffee.


Refilling your Brita filter

You need to obtain a Brita filter refill on a regular basis, between two and four months depending on the amount of drinking water you and your family use. If you use a Brita filter pitcher, jug or kettle, there is usually a device on the side that lights up to let you know when it is time to get your Brita filter refill. While regular refills may seem an unnecessary expense, the company recommends them to avoid any bacteria forming. Brita recommend that if y9u use their pitcher or kettle you should throw away any water that has been in the container for more than forty eight hours.

You can purchase a Brita filter refill on its own or as part of a pack of three or four replacement cartridges. While many people still use the original or classic Brita filter, there are also the newer filters with Maxtra that help to give better filtration. The Maxtra filers are a little more expensive and are often recommended for Brita kettles because they remove a good deal more of the lime scale, which not only improves the taste of your water, it can also extend the life of your kettle.

Brita filter money-off voucher

When you are about to purchase your first Brita filter refill, it is worth going to the official Brita website and signing up for the filter for good campaign, a campaign that is designed to reduce the waste resulting from the increase in the use of bottled water. When you sign up for the campaign Brita will provide you with a coupon that you simply download from your computer and print off. When you take the coupon to your retailer it will give you some money off of your next Brita filter refill purchase.

There is no need to worry about how you should dispose of your old Brita filter when you get a new cartridge. When you visit your Brita retailer simply place the old or used filter into the box provided and they will then send the used filter back to the Brita factory. After being taken apart and subjected to extensive testing by Brita engineers, the components of the filter are then used in the making of new Brita filter refill cartridges.