Brita Filter

Brita Filter Recycling

One of the great things about the Brita water filtration system is that nothing is wasted because the company practices Brita filter recycling. Depending on the amount of water you need to filter you will probably need to change your filter cartridge four or five times a year. There is no need to be concerned that replacing the filters on a regular basis means that you are adding to the overwhelming amount of landfill that is a huge problem for most western countries Brita filter recycling means that when you dispose of your filter in a particular way, it is returned to the company who then recycle the product.


Brita would like everyone to drink filtered water because it is better for your health, it tastes better than water straight from the tap and the filtration process is environmentally friendly. Brita filters are easy to use and providing you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you should have no problem in obtaining better tasting water. Filtered water means that all the things such as chlorine, fluoride, lime scale and mineral deposits that make tap water hard and give it an unpleasant taste and odour, are reduced. When you use a Brita filter in your kettle you get back the full taste and aroma of your tea and coffee, and you use the unsightly film that you often see on the top of hot drinks where the water has not been filtered. You don’t have to worry about disposing of your filters because of the Brita filter recycling process.

Better for you - better for the planet

As part of the Brita filter recycling the company used to operate a freepost service where you could simply post your used filters back to the manufacturers but this is no longer a cost effective process and so Brita have changed the way you return the filters. When you want to dispose of a filter and purchase a new one, take the used filter to your nearest Brita supplier who will have a box for used filters. Once the filter box is full the supplier then sends off the used filters to the manufacturer where they are recycled.

The Brita filter recycling process

The Brita filter recycling process is simple and thorough so that all parts of the Brita filter can be recycled and reused as parts of a new filter cartridge. The recycling process is not only environmentally friendly; it also acts as a means of keeping down the cost of replacement filters to an acceptable level. The way that Brita recycles the filters means that when you buy your replacement cartridges they are always as good as new. Once the used filter has been taken apart, each aspect of the filter is then tested by Brita filter recycling engineer. If something does not pass the engineer’s test with flying colours then it is disposed of, so you can be sure the filter will work the way it should. Brita filter recycling is extremely thorough and there is no chance of any bacteria inside a recycled Brita filter cartridge.