Brita Filter

Brita Filter Pitchers

Brita filter pitchers have been available on the market for more than thirty years since the process of filtrating water was developed and named after the inventor’s daughter, who was called Brita.


Nowadays people still struggle to find drinking water that is palatable and that makes a decent hot drink, consequently in recent years many people in the UK have taken to drinking bottled water.

The craze for bottled water is now running down as the price goes up and the quality of many makes of bottled water has fallen. Some people say that they have stopped drinking bottled water because they are put off by the plastic smell when you open the bottle. Those people who have stopped drinking bottled water are now opting to have their water filtered with either a Brita kettle or one of the original Brita filter pitchers.

The benefits of Brita filters pitchers

Since the introduction of Brita filter pitchers so long ago the company has since developed all kinds of other products, many of them dedicated to the filtration of drinking water. The pitcher can hold several litres of water and has an led function on the side that alerts the user when their filter needs changing. Brita recommends that the filter should be changed regularly, after the filtration of around sixty gallons of water or every couple of months.

Filtered water gives the user many benefits because the process removes most of the chlorine, fluoride and lime scale deposits that are left in the treated water that comes out of our taps. Brita filter pitchers mean that you can have several litres of filtered water ready to drink whenever you want it or to boil up for beverages such as tea or coffee. The filters are made from activated carbon and ion exchange resin, this means that any sediments and some of the chlorine, lime scale and fluoride deposits are caught on the balls of resin and hidden inside. When the filter needs changing the reminder light on the pitcher comes on, so there is no need to worry that you might have cross contamination by leaving the filter in for too long.

Brita filter pitchers replacement cartridges

When you need replacement cartridges for Brita filter pitchers there are two types to choose from, the classic filter, which is the original one, or the filter with Maxtra. The Maxtra filter removes slightly more of the chlorine and lime scale from your water and if you use the filtered water in your kettle, it means less wear and tear on that kettle. You can buy filter replacements in packs of three or four which means you are not constantly worrying about whether you have a replacement cartridge ready.

Brita prides themselves on being environmentally friendly in their production processes and when it is time to dispose of your filter, you simply place it in the box provided at your local Brita suppliers. The supplier will return used filters to Brita who then take the filters apart, test each component of the filter and recycle the whole thing.