Brita Filter

Brita Filter Jugs

There is some controversy over whether filtration works properly in Brita filter jugs. Most people tend not to think about safety issues with a filter but are more concerned as to the taste of the water they pour from their jug.


The fact, as many people attest, is that there is a great deal of benefit to be acquired from using a water filtration system. The key to making sure that Brita filter jugs are safe is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter and to make sure that your hands and contain are scrupulously clean before you install the filter.

Water and hygiene safety

While the Brita filter and Brita filter jugs have been proved to be safe for millions of people over several decades, there may be an issue with filters in general when it comes to water and hygiene safety. Some people have voiced concerns that when they use the Brita filter jugs the filter cartridge is hanging into the water. Brita instructions clearly state that the filter needs to be in contact with the base of the jug before any water is added, Some users are worried that because the filter is actually in the water, the water could become contaminated. While there may be some deposits for the first couple of uses of a filter, these are not threat to health and will not interfere with the taste of your water. Once you have used the filter a couple of times you will find that no more deposits remain in the bottom of the jug. The other problem with filters that concerns people is the question of whether the elements that are filtered out of the water are then released back into the Brita filter jugs.

Using your Brita filter jug

Providing you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you install a Brita filer, and make sure that you replace the filter cartridges in Brita filter jugs on a regular basis as the manufacturer recommends, the sediment should not be released back into the jug after it has been filtered. Brita recommends regular replacement to avoid the problem of cross contamination and to ensure that the filter is working as it should. When you use Brita filters, the contaminants and sediments are absorbed by the filter and moved inside the beads that are formed by the ion exchange resin. Providing the filter is changed on a regular basis there is no chance that it will break down and discharge the filtered elements back into the water.

When you use Brita filter jugs the filter manufacturers recommend that if there is any water still in the jug after forty eight hours, you should pour the water away and fill the jug with fresh water. Brita makes this recommendation not because the filter will break down, but because water does tend to go stale when it has been left for more than a day or two. Providing you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer by throwing away stale water and regularly replacing your filter cartridge, you should have no problems when using Brita filter jugs.