Brita Filter

Brita Filter Instructions

When you buy a Brita water filter you should take care to read the Brita filter instructions carefully. The Brita filter is made from activated carbon and ion exchange resin and has a double action.


The unpleasant taste and odour of tap water is reduced or eliminated by the activated carbon as is the taste of chlorine in the water. Tap water is softened by the ion exchange resin which lessens the concentration minerals, chlorine and fluoride and helps to soften the water. The exchange resin acts to capture sediments and particles that would otherwise still be in your tap water, spoiling the taste and odour and leaving a film on the top of hot drinks.

How to use your Brita Filter

Brita filter instructions are quite explicit on how you should install the filter and that you should ensure that your hands and utensils are quite clean before unwrapping the filter cartridge and preparing to install it. If you use the original or classic Brita filter cartridges then once the cartridge has been removed from its wrapper, it needs to be totally submerged in water and left for around fifteen minutes. Brita filter instructions say that when the cartridge is due to be removed from the water it should be allowed to drain before it is fitted into your water bottle, water cooler or kettle.

Most people who use water filters and who follow Brita filter instructions to the letter find that the taste and odour of their water is greatly improved. The removal of at least some of the chlorine, fluoride and lime scale deposits also reduces the likelihood that you will have a film of scum on the top of your hot drinks. When you use filtered water to make tea or coffee you will find that your hot beverage tastes much better than when it was made with unfiltered water.

Getting the most out of your Brita filter

What is quite clear from Brita filter instructions is that your filter cartridge needs to be changed on a regular basis to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination and to ensure that the filter works at optimum level. Brita recommend that you change your water filter at least every three to four months. You may think that replacement cartridges are an expensive way of drinking filtered water, but you will find that over the course of a year, replacement filter cartridges work out a lot cheaper than drinking bottled water. You should always follow Brita filter instructions very carefully when you use filters. While the general recommendation for replacement is three to four months, Brita recommend that in a smaller vessel you may want to replace the filter after two months of regular use.

There are two types of Brita filter cartridges and these are the classic as described above and the filters with Maxtra. Brita filter instructions say that Maxtra removes more of the chlorine and lime scale, increasing the better taste of your water and helping to prolong the life of your kettle.  As well as filters that fit inside your kettle or water cooler, it is also possible to get Brita tap filter cartridges for filtered water straight from the tap.