Brita Filter

Brita Filter Faucet

If you have a Brita filter faucet it implies that your water is filtered and the impurities reduced as it comes out of your tap or faucet, A Brita filter faucet is a device that is screwed directly onto the tap and it can then filter out sediments and bad taste at the touch of switch. Once you have fitted the Brita filter faucet and it is activated, then when you turn on the tap, the water flow is directed through the filter.


If you have a family and you use a lot of drinking water then a Brita filter faucet may be the ideal choice for filtering your water. The fact is that our water may be contaminated with lead and copper residue from the pipes as well as chlorine and mineral residue that alters the taste and smell of our drinking water. People use water filtration systems to get rid of all the sediments etc and the chlorine that gives tap water an unpleasant smell and taste.

The simplest water purification solution

Before the water reaches out taps it has laid in a reservoir where it is treated with various chemicals and minerals to make it safe to drink. It is unfortunate that while the water is safe, it is not always pleasant or as pure as it might be. When you use unfiltered water to make tea or coffee, the chlorine and other minerals etc that are left behind, can spoil the taste of your drink. When water is filtered it allows the real taste of the tea or coffee to come through, there is also some evidence to suggest that vegetables cooked in filtered water retain more of their goodness and flavour. A Brita filter faucet is attached directly to the tap, which means that ll the water that comes out of that tap is already filtered and ready for use.

When you use a Brita filter faucet the system will last up to one year before it needs replacing the system can provide you with two different streams of water, one of which is filtered and one that is not filtered – that way you are not using your filtered drinking water for washing up and other household tasks. A Brita faucet filter should have an indicator light that will alert you when the system needs changing. The filter will remove much of the chlorine and lime scale that makes water taste and smell unpleasant, less lime scale is also better for your kettle when you boil the water and can help to extend its life.

Traditional filter vs Faucet filter

Some people may prefer the traditional Brita filters to the Brita filter faucet and there is not much in the price when it comes down to it. Both the traditional filtration system and the Brita filter faucet do much the same job when it comes to getting rid of sediment and improving the taste and odour of your tap water. The filter that you choose really depends on your personal preference, not everyone wants to mess about with taps when they can simply insert a filter cartridge into their kettle.