Brita Filter

Brita Filter Disposal

More people now use water filters to ensure that their drinking water tastes better and so do their hot drinks but are unclear what to do when it comes to Brita filter disposal. If you don’t know how to deal with Brita filter disposal it is worth contacting Brita because they are probably the only water filter manufacturer that recycles their filters. When it comes to Brita filter disposal the company separates the filters into their different parts and after tracing the lifecycle of the cartridge, recycles it.  It is a fact that water filters have to be replaced on a regular basis, Brita recommends between three and four months use is warranted before the filter needs to be replaced. Some people worry about the constant need to replace filters and dispose of the old ones, however, there is little need to worry because Brita has the whole process sewn up.


If you have just replaced your Brita filter cartridge and are worried about your Brita filter disposal then you can have them sent back to Brita and they will recycle it. For the last couple of years or so Brita filter disposal has been done through various drop off bins in stores across Britain. Brita used to run a freepost system where you could post the filter cartridges back to them, but this is no longer in operation. All parts of the Brita filtration system can be recycled and if you undertake your Brita filter disposal by dropping it in one of the suppliers’ dedicated bins, they will return the cartridge to the manufacturer.

The Brita Recycling Process

Most of Brita filtration products are recycled by them at the company facility, which make the problem of Brita filter disposal an easy one to deal with. All the parts are recycled and reused as part of a new filter cartridge and this keeps the cost of replacement Brita filter cartridges to an acceptable level. During the recycling process, Brita engineers will test every single part and if they feel that something is not up to scratch then they will not use it to make another product. The way that Brita filter disposal is carried out means that everyone who buys replacement filter cartridges can rely on getting them as good as new.

The level of control that Brita exert over the Brita filter disposal process means that there is a constant improvement in the parts that go to make up the Brita water filter and therefore the effects of that on your drinking water. In some countries Brita filter disposal does not mean that the filters will be recycled by Brita. The problem with recycling Brita filters in the manner describe above is that it requires a large number of returned filters in order to be economically and practically viable. In some countries the level of filter use and therefore that of Brita filter disposal is so low that the company cannot justify the cost of recycling them.