Brita Filter

Brita Filter Cartridges

Brita filter cartridges are designed to filter out the sediment and other impurities that are often left behind in our tap water. While tap water in the UK is safe to drink without boiling, the minerals that are used in the purification process can leave behind sediments that mark crockery give the water a slightly tinny taste.


Brita filter cartridges can be used in kettles, coffee makers, water coolers and water bottles to filter out all the impurities and improve the taste of your drinking water.

The advantages of Brita filter cartridges

One of the worst things about tap water is that when the water is boiled to make tea or coffee, you are often left with a thin film of scum on the top of the liquid and this is not only off putting, it also spoils the taste of your tea or coffee. The classic Brita filter cartridges come ready wrapped and once the wrapping is removed the cartridges have to be pre-soaked in water before they can be used in a kettle, water bottle or water cooler. Once the cartridges have been soaked and drained they can then be placed into the container. Brita recommend that the filters should be changed every three to four months to avoid any bacteria developing that might contaminate the water.

Water filtration systems are becoming increasingly popular as people begin to appreciate the difference it makes to the taste of their water and also their hot drinks. The latest type of Brita filter cartridges use the Maxtra filtration system. Unlike the classic Brita filter cartridges the Maxtra filters do not have to be pre-soaked before you can use them. The filters with Maxtra have an easy ring pull mechanism and you simply fit the cartridge into your kettle, water bottle or water cooler and it’s ready to use.

Healthier for your body - and your kitchen appliances!

The Brita filter cartridges with Maxtra have the added advantage of getting rid of more chorine than the classic filters and significantly more of the lime scale. When you can lower the amount of lime scale build-up, it is less likely to end up in your drink and it will certainly mean that your kettle will have a longer life. The way that Brita filter cartridges are constructed means that they trap all the sediment left behind by the minerals and they will trap other bits that may alter the taste of your water.

When you use Brita filter cartridges in your kettle you will soon wonder why you didn’t do so before as the taste of your tea and coffee will be immeasurably improved. You can also use Brita boiled water to cook your vegetables as it will preserve more of the taste and vitamins than unfiltered water. Brita filter cartridges are not that expensive, especially if you buy them in packs of three or four, which will give you enough filtered water to last you a year. You can also use your Brita filter cartridges in your reusable water bottle for great drinking water when you are on the go.