Brita Filter

Brita Filter Bottle

An increasing number of people now drink bottled water in preference to tap water and for those who prefer to have their drinking water filtered first; the Brita filter bottle may be the ideal answer.  


The bottle is designed to be used with Brita filters as they are not built into the bottle. The problem with the water that comes out of our taps is that although it is fit to drink, it is not so fit to the taste and can mar the flavour of a great cup of coffee or tea. Our drinking water is put through lots of process and many different minerals are added to it in order for it to be fit to drink. The issue with the minerals used in purifying our tap water is that they can leave nasty deposits on cups and glasses and they are the reason why our hot drink may have a film of scum on the top.

Bottled water vs Brita filter bottle

The Brita filter bottle allows you to take your filtrated water, free of all the sediments that mar the taste of tape water, wherever you go. The Brita filter bottle is designed to go with you and you can rest assured that the water is inside it will be a lot better for your health than much of the bottled water that is on sale, and it will taste better. The original Brita filter bottle was a stainless steel affair but some people felt that the material interfered with the filtration system and gave their water a funny taste; however others found it perfectly acceptable.

The Wottle Brita filter bottle

The latest Brita filter bottle is also known as the Wottle. Brita have teamed up with a designer to produce a bottle that has a great look as well as providing the use with better tasting and sediment free drinking water on the go. Brita maintain that the Wottle Brita filter bottle is the first reusable designer water bottle on the market. This signature bottle is made from entirely recyclable materials and is now becoming the new must have for people who don’t go anywhere without their water bottle.

The Wottle Brita filter bottle is designed to give you all the benefits of the Brita filtration system so your water tastes better, and if you decide to empty the bottle into a kettle and boil the water for a hot drink, you won’t get that nasty film on top. The Brita filtration system ensures that all your hot drinks will taste much better than when you used unfiltered water to make them.

The Brita filter bottle is easy to clean and the body of the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher but the top will need to be washed by hand. A lot of people are put off bottled water because of the strange plastic smell that you often get. The Brita filter bottle ensures that you can have fresh drinking water while you are out and about without either the small of plastic or the expensive price tag of commercially bottled water.