Brita Filter

Brita Filter 3 Pack

The Brita filter 3 pack is a convenient way of buying your water filters. you can even get them in packs of four. Brita sell both the classic water filters as multi pack and also the latest Maxtra filters.


If you choose the classic filter system then you will need to soak it in a container of water before you can use it in your kettle, jug or water cooler. The Brita filter is made from a sheet of carbon with large nodules spread across it. When the filter is in use the mineral deposits and any other impurities in your tap water are caught in the nodules, so you get fresher, better tasting water and hot drinks.

Brita filter 3 pack with Maxtra

If you choose to buy the Brita filter 3 pack with Maxtra, then you will find that it does an enhanced job of making your water sediment free and nicer to drink. The more recent Brita filters have the Maxtra filtration system which not only removes sediment and impurities from your water, but reduces the amount of chlorine and the amount of lime scale build-up in your kettle. When there is less lime scale not only does it mean there is less sediment in your water and the taste is better, it also means that your kettle will last longer.

The Brita filter 3 pack with Maxtra uses a four step filtration process, making your water cleaner and much better tasting than it did before. One of the main advantages that the Brita filter 3 pack has over the classic Brita filter is its capacity to improve lime scale reduction. The filter can be fitted straight into a range of kettles and as it is recommended that the filter should be replaced every three to four months, the pack of three should give you around a year of purified water and better tasting hot drinks. The Brita filter 3 pack with Maxtra is only slightly more expensive than the classic Brita but it does a better job.

The problem with the classic Brita filter was that you had to soak it in water before you could use the filtration system. When you choose the Brita filter 3 pack with Maxtra no pre-soaking of the filter is required, so it is a much quicker and easier process. Fitting the Brita filter with Maxtra is much simpler than fitting the classic filter, as it has an easy ring pull handle rather than the simple wrapping device previously in use. Your kettle will have a longer life with the Brita filter 3 pack Maxtra because it will need less descaling due to the reduction in lime scale.

It used to be enough that our water was clean and purified enough for us to drink without having to boil it. Over the years the addition of extra purifying processes and more minerals has made most tap water very hard and gives it a slightly unpleasant taste. The Brita filter 3 pack gives you enough water filtration to last almost a year and means that your drinking water will taste better as will your hot drinks.