Brita Filter

Breville Brita Water Filter Kettle

If you like your coffee to taste like coffee the Breville Brita water filter kettle is the ideal choice for boiling water to make hot drinks. The Breville Brita water filter kettle is just one of a range of popular Breville products.


In recent years an increasing number of people have grown tired of the taste of hard water and the mineral deposits that it leaves behind on china and glassware. A water filter is designed to filter out all the mineral deposits that are left in water after the purification process.

The Breville Brita water filter kettle is designed to give you boiled water that gives both tea and coffee a much better taste. The modern design of the kettle will fit into any contemporary kitchen setting. The design of the latest Breville kettle a large window where you can see the level of the water and the handle is illuminated when the kettle is switched on. There are five kettles altogether in the Breville Brita water filter kettle range in a variety of colours or for the ultra modern, stylish kitchen, in stainless steel or in aluminium with changing illumination. The kettle is both attractive and effective at ensuring your water is clearer and has fewer impurities than you would expect from an ordinary kettle.

Increased Brita filtration

The Breville Brita water filter kettle has what is known as an inbuilt Maxtra filtration system that is designed to filter out more sediment and impurities than ever before. With the Maxtra system you get increased Brita filtration, lowering the amount of lime scale and chlorine. The Maxtra filtration system ensures that your water is free from impurities, giving you much better tasting hot drinks. The latest Breville technology is designed to filter out as much sediment as possible, giving the water a much fresher taste.

Quicker, purer hot water

The Breville Brita water filter kettle is designed to hold one and a quarter litres of water. The kettle will show when the filter cartridge is wearing out and needs replacing and its 3kw heating capacity means that the kettle comes to the boil a lot quicker The kettles have a replaceable cartridge, because it is this that removes the lime scale and adds extra protection to your kettle as it will not need descaling as often as other kettles. In addition to the reduction in lime scale, which increases the life of a kettle, the Breville Brita water filter kettle will cut your electricity costs. The fast boil action of the kettle means that it is far more energy efficient that kettles of a similar capacity, which makes it cost effective.

You can use the boiled water from your Breville Brita water filter kettle in cooking, which means that your food will retain more of its nutritional flavour and value. The filter cartridge removes the scum that can often appear on the top of tea and coffee made with an ordinary kettle. The removal of scum and mineral deposits means that you get a much better tasting cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.